Zenswap Network

Smart Crypto Experience

Zenswap Network offers a new and practical cryptosphere for cryptocurrency and token swap, integrated with user-friendly value-added services to deliver the best crypto experience.


Features - User-Friendly


Simplicity is one key for mass adoption. Zenswap will be built in a way that is easy to use by anyone with just a few clicks or taps.​

Features - Decentralized


The platform will be built on the top of a decentralized platform like Ethereum. The platform does not hold your funds or store your private keys.

Features - Low-Cost


The power of ZNT utility token comes with access to a cheaper transaction and subscription fee. It offers low-cost fees to most services.

Features - Secured


The blockchain is secured and immutable due to its cryptographic feature and distribution. The platform inherits those features in its functions.

Features - Diversified


The platform will showcase a diverse number of assets, coins, and tokens and will provide the utmost convenience and easy liquidity.

Features - Fast


You don't have to wait for order book to be matched, its instant. Scaling solutions for Ethereum is also coming, bringing faster transactions.

Zenswap Cryptosphere

The main priority of this project is to develop a decentralized liquidity solution with Zenswap Network to build one of the connecting bridge for mass adoption. It won’t just stop there, as Zenswap Network and its mission to help the users traverse into different blockchain platform and decentralized applications will include value-added services within its cryptosphere. It will help them with their overall smart crypto experience in blockchain based or decentralized applications.

Zenswap Platform

Zenswap Network, an on-chain decentralized exchange, for cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. tokens on smart contract blockchains). Zenswap Network will be simple, practical and decentralized liquidity solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with a seamless swap transaction in a secured and immutable blockchain platforms like Ethereum. The project will initially focus on the development of the platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens.

Zenswap Network, particularly the swapping smart contract and systems might be complex and complicated but it all goes down to this simple logic that makes the swap seamless and automated.

Value-Added Services

Value-added services within the Zenswap cryptosphere will help the users get the best experience as possible. As Zenswap Network philosophy is to be a user-friendly platform, it will do everything on its ability and utilize available resources to provide the user and the community the best benefits and value.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies, platform, foundation or brands being shown in this graphic does not represent endorsement or degradation. These are just example for visual demonstration purposes only.

Zenfolio. A cryptocurrency and digital asset portfolio and management application that will help users observe and track their cryptocurrencies and digital assets performance in the market. 

Zenkarma. Zenkarma, along with collective data from the diverse reputation platforms will provide aggregated information and median score for cryptocurrencies, digital assets, organizations, companies, projects, personalities, products, services, and communities within this particular space. It will also grant any Zenswap native token holders to participate in casting reputation scores.

Zenpathy. We envisioned this project not only to provide a liquidity solution and bridge for a decentralized tomorrow but also to help those organizations, foundations, and individuals that are also making an actual difference to the world.

Potential V.A.S. There are a lot of possible value-added services that can be added to Zenswap Network in the future to increase the utility of the native tokens and the value given to the users.



Zenswap Network Token

"ZNT" is an ERC20 standard utility token that will be used to avail discount subscription for swap transactions fee, premium access to value-added services and for casting reputation score/karma. In the future, there will be an increase of utility for this token as more value-added service joins the cryptosphere.

Total Supply: 20,000,000,000

ZNT Token Address: 


Zenswap Liquidity Token

"ZLT" (or ZLT-U) is a dapp utility token that will intermediate and bridges the exchange of value between blockchains' digital assets or cryptocurrencies. It will also be used inclusively as a fee, to redeem an asset in a reserve, to bridge the reserve operator's asset to the network and to reward liquidity provider.

Total Supply: 120,000,000

ZLT-U Token Address:

Token Distribution

Total Supply

10B – ZNT & ZLT Distribution Event
5B – Airdrop and Selfdrop Campaigns
2B – Development and Marketing
2B – Team and Volunteers
1B – Zenchain Technologies Foundation and Liquidity Reserve

Total Supply

60M – ZNT & ZLT Distribution Event
25M – Liquidity Partnership, Grants and Liquidity Reserve
25M – Long-term Zenchain Technologies Foundation Budget
10M – Team, including Volunteers and Early Contributor


Stage 0

Zenchain Technologies Foundation

The launch of the Zenswap Network project; start accepting donation and contribution; distribution of ZNT and ZLT tokens; community engagement and education campaign. Q3 2018.

Stage 1

Testnet Deployment

Deployment of Zenswap protocol Test Network environment and Test Network main-chain launch of its smart contract using dummy tokens and application interfaces. Q1 2020.

Stage 2

Basic MainNet Deployment

Deployment of the first version of Zenswap platform. Basic swap functionalities are operational. The initial batch of liquidity reserves is connected. Q3 2020.

Stage 3

Value-Added Services Development

After the main platform stabilizes, the development of value-added services will begin to increase the utility and improve the experience of users in the network. Q1 2021.

Stage 4

Support Cross-Chain Swap

Cross-chains, relayers and parallel blockchain are expected to be fully functional in 2020. Zenswap Network will support the integration of cross-chain swap by using the most functional available cross-chain and relayer protocol or platform. Q3 2021.

Available Market and Exchanges

Compatible Wallet App and Platform

Team of Volunteers

Norman Co

Founder & Developer

Ryo Riski


Jaroneski Stradnyk

Software Developer

Eddie Aldrew


Aris Hashim

Advisor & Backer

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