ZLT-ZNT Distribution Campaign

Thank you for your interest in supporting the development of the platform. We started this project with humble and small beginnings with a ginormous and valuable vision.  We are building the liquidity platform for a decentralized tomorrow and we wanted you to be a part of it, either a financial supporter, a community volunteer, development hero or a future user of the platform. This won’t be possible without your help in any way.

Help us build this project with your ether contribution. By donating ether you will get a utility token that will be later used in the platform once it goes live. The ether contribution will be used to build the reserve that will be connected to the network, software development, and other important expenses.

If you are willing to donate for this small but ambitious project then please read the terms below and follow the instruction very carefully on how to donate. Please double check all information before proceeding with the transaction.

BEFORE YOU DONATE/CONTRIBUTE, we want to make sure you know a few important things.

Use of Funds. As stated in the whitepaper, 30% of the Ether you committed is considered a donation and the 70% Ether is considered a contribution. The 30% will be used for software development, acquisition of tangible and intangible assets for operational expenses, legal and other overhead and unexpected expenses. The 70% is held for building the liquidity reserve for ETH and marketing and budget for V.A.S. The 70% of the fund is the only feasible amount that can be refunded, refund percentage may get lower or higher than the feasible percentage.

Refund. As described above in “Use of Funds”, if the platform is unable to launch due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. globally implemented strict and unfair regulation or ban of blockchain based assets, coins, tokens; changes in technological specifications, trends and demand). The 70% of funds plus all liquidated assets and excess funds will be refunded to all ZLT holders acquired from ZNTZLT-U Distribution Event (ZNT is not included for a refund as 75% of all ZNT were designed to given out for free on various campaign).

ZLT on Exchanges. The donor/contributor should know that the ZNT-ZLT Distribution campaign will run for 20 months starting September 2018 (or shorter when all ZLT is distributed). The donor/contributor understands that ZLT will not be listed on any exchanges as long as the campaign is running. ZLT is meant to build a reserve for ETH for Zenswap Network.

Illegal Funds. The project cannot and does not accept funds that have been illegally obtained or that would otherwise be judged to damage the reputation or integrity of the foundation. By continuing, you confirm that to the best of your knowledge, the donation/contribution comes from a legal source and is compliant with the tax laws of your applicable jurisdiction.

Token Utility. Purchasers of Zenswap tokens understand, acknowledge and agree that the purchase of these tokens only entitles the purchaser to subscribe to services, access and use aspects of the Zenswap Network. Zenswap tokens are not intended to be a virtual currency, security, derivative or any other kind of financial instrument and these terms and event do not constitute an invitation to the public to subscribe to any securities. Think of getting Zenswap tokens as a plane ticket. You buy a plane ticket and reserve a seat today and fly the plane on a specific date in the future.

Risk Disclaimer. You agree and certify that you are purchasing Zenswap Tokens during the ZNT-ZLT token distribution event for your own personal use and utility, and participate in the Zenswap Network and not for investment, for distribution or for financial purposes. You agree and certify that Zenswap Tokens are not a security or a virtual currency and you acknowledge that “ZNT” may lose value and “ZLT” can only be refunded with feasible 70% of your contribution. You understand and accept that the individuals and entities in this project will make reasonable efforts to continue to develop the Zenswap Network and related services, it is possible that such development may fail and your ZNT may become useless and/or valueless due to technical, commercial, regulatory or any other reasons. You are also aware of the risk that due to a lack of public interest, the Zenswap Network and related services could be fully or partially abandoned, remain commercially unsuccessful or shut down for lack of interest, regulatory or other reasons. You therefore understand and accept that the transfer of cryptocurrency as donation/contribution to this project carries significant financial, regulatory and/or reputational risks (including the complete loss of value of ZNT).

Do Your Own Research. Beside from checking the Zenswap project info on all sides, we assume that the donor/contributor have read our whitepaper. We also urged the supporters to do their own research or due diligence from all aspects, including the risk of cryptocurrency or related blockchain-based applications in general, and respective jurisdiction’s regulations and law.

KYC. We don’t know what will happen in the future of digital assets and store of value like utility tokens. It is highly likely that there will be a global initiative or mandate to conduct a KYC upon distributing any form of token. The donor/contributor must be aware that a KYC might be required when exchanging ZLT-U temporary token to official ZLT dapp token. Just prepare a valid government-issued ID like passport or drivers license ahead of time.

U.S.A. Citizen. Citizen from the U.S.A. is not allowed to participate in this campaign even though ZLT and ZNT tokens are considered utility tokens for platform use only. Be reminded that a KYC will be required in swapping ZLT-U to official ZLT dapp token.

No Big Discounts. The ZLT token is intended to be a stable asset as possible to mediate the value of an asset swap in the platform. The other tokens (e.g. team and foundation) are distributed slowly over the course of years. The ZLT tokens cannot be distributed more than it’s initial rate of 3000 per ETH. Distributing ZLT more than its initial rate to big investors will dilute the value and affects the value negatively compare to small contributors. We treat each and every donor/ contributor fairly, regardless of what amount they intend to donate/contribute to this project.

Note: The official ZLT token is not yet created because of its complexity and platform reliant functions. The design and structure of ZLT token are currently under development. However, ZLT-U, an ERC20 standard token, will represent ZLT dapp token during ZNT-ZLT Distribution Event. Before the platform is launched, you will be able to swap the ZLT-U ERC20 to official ZLT dapp token.

Important: NEVER send ETH to token contract address (highlighted in orange).

ZNT contract address
ZLT-U contract address
ZNT-ZLT-U Distribution contract address


Send any amount of ether to the ZNT-ZLT-U Distribution contract address or scan the QR code being shown on the right ( or below ).


Current Rate: 1 ETH = 1500 ZLT-U and free 100,000 ZNT


Month ZLT-U Free ZNT
2019 Onwards

Recommended Gas Limit is 150000. See gas tracker for recommended Gwei.

Note: A maximum of 1 million ZLT-U can only be distributed each day

Are you a Developer or Programmer?

If you think you can help us with the development of the platform, contact us if you wish to volunteer or contribute with your skill in programming, design and IT.

Please stay tuned to our communication channels for any updates and announcement about the project.

Thank you for your support and have a nice day.

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