Loyalty Rewards Campaign

The Loyalty Rewards Campaign is a reward generation campaign for loyal token holders (both ZNT and ZLT-U). It will run a minimum of three seasons and a maximum of six seasons. Each season will have a different ZNT reward pool and different minimum requirements. Each season is three months period. The first two weeks of the season is preparation and application for the loyalty reward program. The first snapshot of token balance will occur on every 15th of the first month for the season and final snapshot of token balance is on every 15th of the third month of the season. Distribution of rewards will occur during the last two weeks of the season.

How to Join the Loyalty Rewards Campaign?

  1. In able to participate and express your interest in the campaign, you need to fill up the Loyalty Reward Campaign application form. Make sure you successfully filled the form by checking your entry on this spreadsheet. (Form and Spreadsheet below)
  2. You need to make sure you have a minimum of required token balance in your personal wallet. Please keep in mind that exchange’s wallet is not considered as a personal wallet.
  3. Make sure the minimum required tokens is in your wallet during opening and closing snapshot. Opening snapshot will take place starting 00:00 to 23:59 UTC every 15th of the first month of the season. Failure to comply with the minimum requirement on the opening snapshot will get your entry rejected for the season.
  4. A closing snapshot will take place starting 00:00 to 23:59 UTC every 15th of the third month of the season. Again, failure to comply with the minimum requirements on the closing snapshot will get your entry rejected for the season.
    Note: If you have different token balance during opening snapshot against token balance during the closing snapshot. Only the token balance during the closing snapshot will be referenced for reward calculation.
  5. We will publish instructions on how you will able to redeem your rewards during the last two weeks of the season.

Loyalty Rewards Campaign – Season 2

Application Form  |  Spreadsheet

Token Reward Pool:
250,000,000 ZNT

Minimum  ZNT Token Balance:
1,000,000 ZNT

Minimum ZLT-U Token Balance:
1200 ZLT-U
(No ZLT-U? Get it)

Application Deadline:
12:00 UTC April 14, 2018

Opening Snapshot:
00:00 – 23:59 UTC April 15, 2019

Closing Snapshot:
00:00 – 23:59 UTC June 15, 2019

Reward Redeem (or Distribution) Period:
June 16, 2019 onwards

Season Minimum ZNT Minimum ZLT-U Pool Reward
4, 5 & 6

How Rewards Are Distributed and Calculated?

The pool reward will be divided into two portions. The 90% of pool reward will be divided via a stake system and the other 10% will be distributed to 20 random lucky loyalty rewards campaign participants.

The division of 90% pool rewards is a stake system. The more points you have, the more loyalty token reward you will get. Here are the table and a formula to determine how many individual points you could possibly get.

ZNT Balance Points
*Points is counted only on the every million. No decimals included.
ZLT-U Balance Percentage
*The maxiumum multiplier is 300% only. Nothing exceeds that.

Individual Points and Reward is calculated by:

Individual Points (IP) = Points x Percentage x 10

Total Campaign Points (TCP) is the sum of all participants individual points.

Total Reward Pool (TRP) is the total pool reward for this part of the campaign, which in this case is 90% of campaign pool reward.

Total Reward = (IP / TCP) x TRP

Sample Computation

A participant has 16,300,000 ZNT and  8,250 ZLT-U. Based on the tables above he will have 16 points and multiplier of 120% for his individual points. Let’s assume that the entire campaign has total campaign points of 80,000. The total reward pool is 90% of the campaign pool reward of 200,000,000 ZNT. Let’s calculate the potential loyalty reward a participant can get.

Individual Points (IP) = 16 x 120% x 10 = 192 points

Total Reward = (192 / 80,000 ) x (200,000,000 x 90%) = 432,000 ZNT

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